Hey - I'm Steve Spatucci. I do a lot of different things.
This is a collection of my projects. Check 'em out! It'll make you feel good...

Plasmic Studio
My design site. Websites, illustration, logos, animation and interactive work.
plasmic studio

me make monster
Me Make Monster!
Create a custom monster, then print it on t-shirts, mugs, bags, and other products.

It Must Be Me
Site for my forthcoming to-be-self-published book about my weird life.
it must be me

Steve Spatucci's Blog
Steve Spatucci's Blog
My blog, with posts covering all of my projects.

A collection of my spec feature
and short screenplays.
steve spatucci screenplays

My animated, interactive project for young children. Not yet launched, but you can get a taste of it.

Plasmic Studio Store
My online store, featuring a bunch of original designs on Zazzle products.
plasmic studio zazzle store

cuppa joe

cuppa joe
My band. We were active in the 90's, dormant in the 00's, and now we're back.

Science Geek
Facebook page for a zine I designed and illustrated in the 90's.
science geek


An experimental site developed to share friends' projects.

Vect-o-Grunge Illustrations
Vector illustrations of pop culture characters with natural textures.


A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
A writing blog for mental meanderings.

Breach Point
A supernatural young adult novel.
Breach Point

rock improv-a-ganza

Rock Improv-a-Ganza
My musical improv game show.

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